2018-09-?? STEM popularization at Gymnazium Myjava, Slovakia


2018-04-09 Code Completion with Neural Attention and Pointer Networks

Short overview of the paper presented at the Deep Learning for Big Code seminar at ETH Zurich. Accompanying slides (PDF), slides (PPTX) and Google Slides (recommended)

2017-04-04 Pointer Networks & Neural Combinatorial Optimization with Reinforcement Learning

Short overview of the two papers presented at the Deep Learning Seminar at while studying at MFF UK: Pointer Networks and Neural Combinatorial Optimization with Reinforcement Learning. Accompanying slides.

2017-02-11 Svet a MY 2017 – Norway

Short travel presentation from my summer stay in Norway. Unfortunately, no slides available.

2016-10-14 How programming can help solve (almost) all your problems

A talk with the students at my former high school in Slovakia. Accompanying slides (in Slovak).

2015-09-21 Math popularization talk at GYMY

A presentation (in both Slovak & English). Take a look at the slides.

2013 CarCV

The presentation of my paper (in Slovak) about “Recognition of cars and calculation of speed using computer vision and the OpenCV library” (“Rozpoznávanie áut a výpočet rýchlosti jazdy pomocou počítačového videnia a knižnice OpenCV”), which won 4th place at the national round of the High School Scientific Activity contest in Nové Zámky in category 11 - Computer Science (Stredoškolská odborná činnosť).