Scholar profiles

Publications (reverse chronological order)

1. TransportEditor

Škopek, Ondrej and Barták, Roman. “TransportEditor – Creating and Visualising Transportation Problems and Plans.” Prague, 2017.

Short demonstration paper presented at the System Demonstrations and Exhibits track at ICAPS 2017.

Video: Demo of an older version of TransportEditor.

Slides accompanying the presentation.


Bachelor thesis: Planning for Transportation Problems

“Planning for Transportation Problems”, thesis for my bachelor programme at MFF UK. Supervised by Prof. RNDr. Roman Barták, Ph.D.. Source code and supporting documents can be found on GitHub and GitLab. Poster. Official university websites.

Reports (reverse chronological order)

6. Story Cloze (Course: Natural Language Understanding)

Choosing the correct short story ending out of two possibilities (Story Cloze Task), where the training data only contains the correct endings. Achieved close to state of the art results at the time. Course project for the Natural Language Understanding course at ETH Zurich. Co-authored with Lukas Jendele, Vasily Vitchevsky, and Michael Wiegner. Paper. GitHub repository.

5. Tweet Sentiment Analysis (Course: Computational Intelligence Lab)

Sentiment analysis of a large dataset of tweets using weakly supervised learning. The dataset was scraped and labeled automatically based on the presence of positive or negative emoji. We perform an extensive study of different models and provide a comparison. Course project for the Computational Intelligence Lab course at ETH Zurich. Co-authored with Lukas Jendele, Larissa Laich, and Michael Wiegner. Paper. GitHub repository.

4. Eye Gaze Estimation (Course: Machine Perception)

Estimating the 3D angle of where a person is looking at from single RGB images. Course project for the Machine Perception course at ETH Zurich. Co-authored with Lukas Jendele in Spring 2018. Paper.

3. Stupid, Crazy, Love. (Course: Network Security)

Hacking lab project report from the Network Security course at ETH Zurich. Co-authored with Victor Chibotaru, Larissa Laich, and Galina Peycheva in January 2018. Paper.

2. Data structures for high-dimensional search (Course: Algorithms & Data Structures)

Seminar paper (in Slovak) about “Data structures for high-dimensional search” (“Datové štruktúry pre viacdimenzionálne vyhľadávanie”) for an Algorithms & Data Structures class at MFF.

1. CarCV

High school scientific paper (in Slovak) about “Recognition of cars and calculation of speed using computer vision and the OpenCV library” (“Rozpoznávanie áut a výpočet rýchlosti jazdy pomocou počítačového videnia a knižnice OpenCV”), which won 4th place at the national round of the High School Scientific Activity contest in Nové Zámky in category 11 - Computer Science (Stredoškolská odborná činnosť).