2017-04-04 Pointer Networks & Neural Combinatorial Optimization with Reinforcement Learning

Short overview of the two papers presented at the Deep Learning Seminar at while studying at MFF UK: Pointer Networks and Neural Combinatorial Optimization with Reinforcement Learning. Accompanying slides.

2017-02-11 Svet a MY 2017 – Norway

Short travel presentation from my summer stay in Norway. Unfortunately, no slides available.

2016-10-14 How programming can help solve (almost) all your problems

A talk with the students at my former high school in Slovakia. Accompanying slides (in Slovak).

2015-09-21 Math popularization talk at GYMY

A presentation (in both Slovak & English). Take a look at the slides.

2013 CarCV

The presentation of my paper (in Slovak) about “Recognition of cars and calculation of speed using computer vision and the OpenCV library” (“Rozpoznávanie áut a výpočet rýchlosti jazdy pomocou počítačového videnia a knižnice OpenCV”), which won 4th place at the national round of the High School Scientific Activity contest in Nové Zámky in category 11 - Computer Science (Stredoškolská odborná činnosť).