Math popularization talk at GYMY

As advertised a few weeks ago, today, on September 21 2015 at 8:00 AM I gave my math-oriented talk at the high school I graduated from a year and a half ago.

After talking to a former teacher of mine, we agreed that I will host a short, hour long session on math (and a bit of computer science) to get the (mainly senior) students interested in STEM.

Students after the talk

After I introduced myself a little bit, we started talking about the field in general, how I got into university and how I chose to study Computer Science at Matfyz. We then set forward to explore some fun mid-level math problems, mainly the 100 prisoners problem and a few others. After the students exhausted their daily math-appetite, we had a short Q&A session about their and my plans for the future, about life at a university and how I got into my internship.

I hope to have influenced and encouraged at least a few students from the crowd to aspire towards a STEM-oriented career, or that I at least managed to demonstrate that math can be fun, too.

P.S.: Here is a link to my slides.

Written on September 21, 2015