Summer Internship at Red Hat - Part 1

Last week I’ve passed 50 days of working at Red Hat. So far, it has been a very rich and new experience for me. I’ve met and worked with a diverse, passionate and international group of technical and non-technical people, sharpened both my programming and people skills, and enjoyed it all!

Unfortunately, I won’t be around for much longer; it’s back to school for me in October, which means I have less than a month ahead of me - there is still so much I want to improve, fix and add to our project, OptaPlanner!

One month will probably be too short for all that. Even so, it was a wonderful (almost) two months now and I’m looking forward to similar exciting challenges in the future.

There are is still some fun and interesting stuff happening this month:

  • Statistical benchmarking is planned to be implemented in OptaPlanner’s benchmarker
  • I’m doing an introductory mathematics talk on September 21 at my old high school
  • TriExpert Cup, an amateur running league, is finishing with me in 2nd place overall in my category (Men - Juniors)
  • … and many more things I probably forgot to mention.
Written on September 6, 2015