About me

Currently, I am a Software Engineer at Google, working on the Next Generation Assistant.

Before that, I graduated from the Computer Science Master’s programme at ETH Zurich, specializing in Machine Learning.

Previously, I’ve interned at Google in both Zurich and Munich, Microsoft in Oslo, and Red Hat in Brno, while studying for a Computer Science Bachelor’s degree at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at Charles University in Prague, which I completed in June 2017.


Here is my current CV, and the extended CV. For an alternative version, see my LinkedIn profile.

Contact me

Personal address: oskopek@oskopek.com

My PGP fingerprint

In case of contacting me, you’re welcome (or even recommended) to use PGP. Here’s my PGP fingerprint: 441A F1CB 21AB ED0F 3828 5CC7 0D75 12A1 6E94 4B7F.