About me

Currently, I am studying the Computer Science Master’s programme at ETH Zurich, specializing in Information Systems. Before that, I worked as a Software Engineering Intern at Google in Zurich.

Previously, I’ve interned at Google in Munich, Microsoft in Oslo, and Red Hat in Brno, while studying for a Computer Science Bachelor’s degree at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at Charles University in Prague, which I completed in June 2017.


Here is my current CV, and the extended CV. For an alternative version, see my LinkedIn profile.

Contact me

Personal address: oskopek@oskopek.com

School address: oskopek@ethz.ch

My PGP fingerprint

In case of contacting me, you’re welcome (or even recommended) to use PGP. Here’s my PGP fingerprint: 441A F1CB 21AB ED0F 3828 5CC7 0D75 12A1 6E94 4B7F.