Microsoft Summer Internship in Oslo

Today is the last day of my summer internship at Microsoft. During the last 12 weeks, I met an insane amount of very interesting and intriguing people from all parts of the world.


Photo: Hackathon Science Fair.

Microsoft Developer Center Norway (previously FAST Search & Transfer, acquired in 2008) is a diverse group of talented and resourceful people that love what they do. This summer, I helped out with Continuous Delivery of the Search technology, developing an internal tool for better monitoring and quicker issue response.


Photo: Clubs near Grünerløkka on the Akerselva river.

Apart from the actual work, I got to explore Oslo, took a week long solo trip across South Norway, travelled together with the other interns for a Europe-wide Microsoft Internship Event to Dublin, got to know Norway and Norwegians as a society and had fun doing it!

View from the Oslo office after Lønningspils

Photo: View from the Oslo office after Lønningspils.

Take a short photo-tour of my trip through Stavanger, Preikestolen (Lysefjord), Hardangerfjord & Hardangervidda, Bergen and Flåm:

Preikestolen fjelstue

Photo: Preikestolen fjelstue.

Lysefjord from Preikestolen

Photo: Lysefjord from Preikestolen.


Photo: Trolltunga!

Torehytten and Harteigen

Photo: Torehytten and Harteigen.

Lubka and Juraj visited during their Scandinavian tour and we went to see the city.

Operahouse with Lubka, Juraj and Katka

Photo: Operahouse with Lubka, Juraj and Katka.

At the end of August, Microsoft flew all the interns in Europe to Dublin for a weekend of free beer, team-building events and Dublin nightlife. I really enjoyed the bar atmosphere in Dublin (The Porterhouse!) and had lots of fun meeting other like-minded people from all over Europe.

Almost all Norwegian interns on ready to board the plain to Dublin

Photo: Almost all Norwegian interns on ready to board the plain to Dublin.

Liberty Hell at the Porterhouse

Photo: Liberty Hell at the Porterhouse.

Most of Microsoft's 2016 Europe Interns

Photo: Most of Microsoft’s 2016 Europe Interns.

Silvia came to visit and we rented a car and went to see Gaustatoppen with Anca and Matei.

Gaustatoppen ascent

Photo: Gaustatoppen ascent.

View from (almost) the top

Photo: View from (almost) the top.

While Zuzka came to visit in September, we had a hackathon at work. Me and Jonas designed and implemented a tool to load balance Oslo’s City Bike stations for greater availability.

No more arguing over too few bikes!

Photo: No more arguing over too few bikes!.

An example of a prediction

Photo: An example of a prediction.

Our Hackathon presentation

Photo: Our Hackathon presentation.

Fun in the office during the Hackathon

Photo: Fun in the office during the Hackathon.

For the rest of my internship, I tried to finish up and hand over any remaining work and hand over what I built, explore the remaining coffee places I wanted to and worked on my school project.

Coffee at Tim Wendelboe's with Karolina and Matei

Photo: Coffee at Tim Wendelboe’s with Karolina and Matei.

Intern goodbye grill party at the beach in Huk

Photo: Intern goodbye grill party at the beach in Huk.

One of the things I regret is that I didn’t have enough time and/or will power to finish my individual software project at school, so I’ll probably have to finish it next semester. My third year at Matfyz starts in bit more than a week.

I really enjoyed this summer - it was a wonderful new experience, at Microsoft and outside it. The best part were definitely my wonderful colleagues - the culture and coherency at FAST was exhilarating and I wish them all the best while facing new challenges in the future. Especially, I want to thank my team, my buddy Grant and my manager Manolis for the extensive help, support and knowledge they gave me during my short stay.

Thanks for the amazing summer!

Written on September 23, 2016