End of the fall semester 2015

Well, technically, it’s already the spring semester here in the Czech Republic.. but so much stuff happened a few weeks back that I didn’t have time to write about it then.

First of all, I passed all 7 of my exams! Think I’m getting the hang of this slowly. Also, during that, I managed to attend DevConfCZ 2016, which was just a blast.

As a reward, we went skiing to South Tyrol/Northern Dolomites/Northern Italy. Technically, it was a university course – but (thankfully) only on paper. Four days of pure skiing and hanging out with cool people of all ages, most of them from Matfyz. Take a look at some of my pictures and all the GPS data I collected.

Regarding my plans for the future:

  • Studying, d’oh! The spring semester is going to be tough (9 courses, 8 exams)
  • A major research/software project at school (trying to come up with a topic that would accentuate or even be followed up by my bachelor thesis next year)
  • Look for some summer employment/internship opportunities!
Written on February 26, 2016