DevConfCZ 2016

Whoah, this conference just keeps getting bigger and better. The organizers counted about 1200 people just in the first day. I remember attending about 5-6 years ago, there were about 120 people in total. Also, check out my post from last year’s DevConfCZ.

Just check out the #DevConfCZ Twitter hashtag for proof. Also, the coffee from Kofi Kofi was just amazing.

Several minor problems occured to me during the weekend:

  • Lack of recycling trash bins
  • 8 parallel sessions, anyone? – during some time slots, I’ve definitely been in need of Hermione’s time turning thing. How can you attend 3 talks at the same time? (Answer: YouTube live stream + archive!)

Here’s a short summary of talks I attended. Most of them you can find in Red Hat’s YouTube channel.

Friday, February 5th

  • JW: Keynote: Teach organizations open source methodology (The Open Source Way!)
  • MS: Microservices and KIE (Knowledge is Everything)
  • MV: SilverWare intelligent house systems + handling IoT intelligently
  • SB: JBoss Forge + JBoss Tools rock!
  • MF: CI/CD on Jenkins + OpenShift
  • JF: FeedHenry + Red Hat Mobile Platform
  • AK: Arqullian Cube
  • BG: Wildfly Swarm
  • JC: Elytron

Saturday, February 6th

  • Docker4JEE: Fabric8!
  • jzb talks community
  • MW: .NET Core workshop (Omnisharp, VIM c# code completion)
  • VJ: From big data to fast data: Apache spark (lazy evaluation), Samza, Storm, Flink… Infinispan
  • JK: RxProgramming: Principles of Reactive Programming
  • OracleGuy: Graal + Truffle instead of your own compiler
  • LVH: JMH, value types in Java (Valhalla project)
  • MS: Transitioning from Java to Go
  • Security: Everything is on fire
  • .NET Core

Sunday, February 7th

  • MH: Cython
  • SELinux
  • Quantum crypto
  • Devs, QEs of themselves
  • Code Auditor
  • TryStack
  • Dev Evangelist talk

All of them were very good, some were indeed great. The best are highlighted in the list.

Written on February 5, 2016